How To Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone


If you buy a used iPhone from Ebay, chances are the iCloud account is locked with the first owner’s Apple ID account. You may be thinking how are you going to login with your Apple ID since there is no option for you to remove iCloud account on iPhone of the first owner on the activation screen. Resetting the iPhone to factory settings will not unlock iCloud account and it will continue to ask for the Apple ID of the original owner.

If you want to go to an Apple Store to reset your iPhone, you must bring along the POP, which is the invoice that prove the purchase of the device. If you are able to present the bill, they can help you to bypass iCloud activation lock the first owner’s Apple ID account in 3 days. If the seller did not include the invoice of the device in the package, you are left with no option but to use a third party service to unlock it.

Apple has tough requirements when coming to reset the Apple account. The security measure was carried out to protect iPhone owners who accidentally lost their device or get stolen. If you want to reset a deceased family member’s iPhone, they will ask you to produce proof of the death certificate.

There are a lot of services that require you to pay a small fee to unlock iCloud iPhone activation screen. Not all services will work even though you are paying for the activation screen lock to be removed. Instead of using a paid service, you can download a free bypass iCloud tool like iCloud Unlocker that will work just as efficiently in unlocking your iCloud account

With iCloud Unlocker you don’t have to go through all these hassles and can instantly remove iCloud account from iPhone device in just a few minutes by following 3 simple steps. This tool is guaranteed to work because the software is coded by experienced programmers. It was created with the purpose of helping people who face problem in unlocking the activation screen of their used iPhone.

iCloud Unlocker is Virus and Malware Free

iCloud Unlocker is checked for virus and malware before it is being released for public download. They regularly update the software according to the changes in the Apple database. The iCloud removal tool offers a clean interface and does not display any advertisement. Using iCloud unlocker to remove iCloud lock iPhone will not interrupt with any setting on your device. The iPhone will now really belong to you and you will not experienced limited functionalities problem due to the old account is not removed.

Simple Steps on Unlocking iCloud on iPhone

Removing iCloud lock activation on iPhone with iCloud Unlocker is a three step process. First, you must connect your device to a computer. You don’t necessarily have to connect the iPhone to a Mac. The software will work fine on any computer running on Windows and Linux operating systems as well.

The iCloud Unlocker will take a few moments to detect the connected iPhone device. When it is detected, you can select your iPhone model, for example iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 6, 7. After selecting the right iPhone model, you must provide the IMEI number before you can unlock iCloud.

The IMEI number is a serial number of the iPhone device that can be found by going to the About page on your phone. The About page contains information about your model number, and IMEI number. The barcode on the original packaging of the device also show the IMEI number. The IMEI number is also shown in Edit > Preferences of your iTunes.
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If you dial the code *#06#, the IMEI number will also display on the screen. You should carefully enter the 15 digit IMEI number and double-check to make sure each digit that is entered is correct. Once you have confirmed that you enter the correct IMEI number, you can press the button to begin the process to remove iCloud lock activation on iPhone. As soon as you press the button, the script in the software will access the database on the Apple server and completely delete the account from the iPad.

By deleting the first owner’s Apple ID account on the iPhone, the activation screen will be unlocked so that you can sign in with your Apple ID. You won’t ever have to be bothered by the iPhone activation screen lock problem. The next time you open iCloud, you will no longer have problem logging in with your own Apple ID. If this is the first time you login, you will have to create a new Apple account before you can login.

iCloud Unlocker is Free of Charge

iCloud Unlocker is one of the best tool around the web for remove iCloud on iPhone. It does not charge a single cent for helping you to unlock iCloud. You can find a lot of services that ask for money in order to remove an iCloud account, but with iCloud Unlocker you don’t need to be worry, their software is absolutely free. To download the software you must go to this page.

In conclusion, Apple offers top notch security for iPhone and other products but the downside is that they don’t provide you with the ability to remove iCloud lock activation on iPhone. iCloud Unlocler solves your problem by allowing you to easily bypass the activation screen immediately without having to provide any documentation that is required by the Apple Store.

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